The Bridge Assistant app enables you to:

  • Organise bridge games for 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 or 13 players, playing by pair or individually. It indicates the number of tables, the number of rounds, the position of the players for each round, and it proposes a maximum number of deals to be played.
  • Keep score. For each deal played, it calculates the scores by comparing the results between the different tables:
    • With one table, the comparison is with a “virtual table” (*).
    • With two tables, the comparison is based on IMP method.
    • With three tables, the comparison is based on BAM method.

This app can be used on a single device (iPhone or iPad), in which case all data (contracts, declarers, tricks made, lead card) have to be entered on this device (Single Device Mode).

It is also possible to use the app on several devices, one on each table (Multiple Device Mode). In this case, data (contracts, declarers, tricks made, lead card) for deals played at a table are entered on the device located on this table.

In the “Multiple Device Mode”, the device located on table 1 manages the game and has specific rights: selection of game, score reset, sending results, vulnerability and dealer change, authorization given to other devices to enter results, synchronisation of the devices in order to compare results.

In the “Multiple Device Mode”, each device can be used as a “bidding box”. For each deal, the bid sequences are saved and can be compared.


(*) The table plays against a “virtual table”. Results of the two tables (real and “virtual”) are compared using the IMP method. Results of the “virtual” table are determined by number of Honor points held by NS and EW teams, and team vulnerability (see table). For instance, if NS team non vulnerable has 25H points for a deal, its “virtual” points would be 400. If NS team on the real table plays 3NT and makes +1, its points will be 430. NS exceeds its target by a value of 430 – 400 = 30. NS team will score 1 (IMP value for 30) . But if NS team on the real table plays 2NT and makes +2, NS team’s points will be 180. NS fails to reach its target by a value of 180 – 400 = – 220. EW team will score 6 (IMP value for 220). This example pinpoints the importance of announcing the right contract.